Ever wanted to visit space?! Well THIS luxury hotel is now taking reservations!

If drifting amongst the stars watching the world spin by sounds dreamy to you then check out this new luxury hotel that offers you just that!


You can now reserve a place to stay aboard the first space hotel, the Aurora Station. Mind you though, it might set you back a couple of Pounds, Dollars or Euros…

Float in Zero gravity!

Aboard the space station you will experience zero gravity and will be able to effortlessly propel yourself through the station, pushing yourself off of the walls. The station will be able to accommodate six guests at any one time.

12-day journey

Drifting around space, you will soar above the Earth’s surface and orbit it once every ninety minutes. Pretty cool!

2021 Launch date

Remarkably near, 2021 is fast-approaching so you’d better buy a ticket soon! The only problem is that reservations set you back $9.5 million… That is for a once in a lifetime experience though!


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